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Welcome to The Revive Project Inc.

Our Mission & Vision


The Mission of THE REVIVE PROJECT INC. Substance Abuse Outreach and Intervention program is to develop a partnership with those in the community who will assist to cooperatively develop a plan and program to help those with SUDs in need of services, including short-term and long-term recovery programs, work force development, Treatment classes, food, and transportation.

Our Promise


THE REVIVE PROJECT INC. Substance Abuse Outreach and Intervention Program will provide information and access to them for the following; 

  • Outpatient levels of Care, 
  • Transportation to Recovery classes
  • Addiction Recovery services available, 
  • Resources for family support, 
  • Workforce Development Programs
  • Recidivism Prevention and Reentry Programs, 
  • Information for obtaining housing, food, and credit education



The main objective of this Program is to act as a gatekeeper for the communities in notifying them about substance abuse services that are available to everyone before an overdose or fatality occurs. This program will hopefully grow into a community center-like program where someone who knows about a person with substance abuse will know where to go to find answers and advice before it’s too late.