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About Us

Community Meetings

People attend support groups for a number of reasons, but we find these to be the primary motivations.

  1. Most are community based meetings that are free, open and available to anyone.
  2. Support groups allow people who may be contemplating recovery or early in their recovery to be able to participate at a level they feel comfortable with vs. treatment or therapy with higher requirements for engagement and participation.
  3. Support groups offer continuing care in MAINTAINING sobriety for those who are completing treatment.

Workforce Development

Works with customers to develop individual training plans, engage employer placement contacts, and counseling. Assists clients with job placement, including job-search classes, labor market analysis and employment contacts. 


Transportation are vital aspects of the program, without adequate housing training and transportation, it can present major treatment barriers that can interfere in or prevent the process of effectively completing quality treatment programs and the rehabilitation necessary for changes to occur. 

Food Bank

The Revive Project Inc. seeks to offer assistance to individuals and families at risk for hunger. We believe access to healthy, nutritious food is a basic right for all members of our community, and that no one should go hungry. The reality is that more than 20% of our service area faces food insecurity daily. Changing this reality is the driving force of The Revive Project Inc.

Recidivism Prevention and Reentry Programs

Programs that are effective at reducing recidivism have three core elements in common: they target people who are most likely to re-offend (who); they use practices rooted in the latest research on what works to reduce recidivism (what), and they regularly review program quality and evaluate how closely the program adheres to its established model (how well). 

Information for obtaining housing, food, and credit education

The Revive Project Inc. aims to provide information that will help those battling with Substance Abuse find stability leading to permanent housing. food, and credit education. It is one of our goals to help clients find the stability that will keep them on the right path.





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